“You Have Nations Inside of You”—A Variety Service @Churh316

“You Have Nations Inside of You”—A Variety Service @Churh316

“The devil is trying to bring you down, not because of you, but because of the nations inside of you”. This was the key message Pastor Paul Briggs drove home at our variety Sunday held on the 21st of October.

In what can be described as a fun-filled unconventional service (but hey! we are unconventional youths in church 3:16 already), the variety service gave several of our members the opportunity to showcase their God-given talents, because we believe that everybody has a talent in them that should be harnessed—be it in singing, rap, drama, spoken word or dance.

“Let us come into His presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to Him with songs of praise” – psalm 95:2

And this was exactly how we started off in God’s presence with our GX Choir leading us while we danced to His glory. Then picking partners, we decreed Psalm 91 into each other’s lives as our Psalm of protection.

The first performance was by our own, Igwe, a Gospel Rapper who did a piece titled ‘Who Is The Most High?’. Then Seyizy was next up, who had the crowd geared up with his song and rhymes, which dwelt on being thankful to God through the good times and the bad.

Our drama department, the limit breakers, are always a delight to watch with the way they infuse comedy into their drama. Their drama this time was based on Jeremiah 29:11, that God uses every of our disappointments as a blessing in disguise.

Valerie, a Spoken Word Artists, with her delivery and poetry flow is set to take the world by storm and we are glad that she started off in Church 3:16. Her piece was tagged ‘Let God Use You’ and it was filled with words of uplifting and encouragement.

It’s always refreshing to see young people ‘bust some moves’ for God and that’s exactly what the RGK dance crew did with their energetic and electrifying performance. We thank God for giving us such talents. The GX Choir came back with beautiful renditions that gave them a standing ovation at the end of their performance.

Pastor Paul Briggs taking the stage to deliver the word was the climax we needed in the service. With his undiluted, hard-hitting and straight to the point message, he took us on a soul search of the real reason we come to church. If we come to fulfil all righteousness without having a genuine relationship with God or we come because we yearn for a deeper understanding of God and how He works.

In his own words…

“We should come to church with an expectant heart, even when it looks like things are not going well for us. We shouldn’t be bread and butter Christians that complain immediately it feels like God is not answering our prayers…Get rid of your feelings, you are not the only one going through that issue; many other Christians are. Your countenance will determine whether you will survive it or not…

“In church we get jealous when we see others that are seemingly doing better than us. Know that if you rejoice with one, all will rejoice with you…You have what the world is looking for, the devil has no power over you. Imagine the kind of capacity you have if Jesus could cast out a thousand demons from a man. When God looks at you, He’s not merely looking at you but the nations inside”.

Enjoy your life and stay blessed…

Reporter: Feyisope Bamgbala

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