Unleashed: The Emerge Worship Experience 2019

Unleashed: The Emerge Worship Experience 2019

No better way to end the Emerge Leadership Conference other than with a Holy Ghost and Spirit filled, power releasing worship concert.

Powerful ministrations, enchanting and endearing music, incredible vocals, soul lifting renditions, joyful shouts, prophetic, tears inducing, tongue bursting, electrifying, soul lifting, yoke breaking, depth, dipper, intense power praise and worship. Absolutely, yes! The atmosphere was filled will the Holy Spirit, like a stirring of the waters, the people received their healing and were delivered from their infirmities under the atmosphere of worship. It was indeed a destiny defining moment at the unleashed emerge worship experience.

The healing on the alter was evident, the atmosphere was socked with the presence of God moving and healing, performing miracles and restoring lost hopes.

GX Choir, The Grace Levites, Pastor Seun Shobo, Pastor Tolu Ogukoya-Ijogun and Victoria Orenze took us to that realm that is higher than I in worship and reference. Phil.2:9-10

“When you come into the presence of God, you cannot go back the same way you came. @toluijogun

 “When you sing songs, they shouldn’t just be songs to you. You should mean every word.

Singing is an act of worship” – @victoriaorenze

“Sometimes when you are going through struggles, you gotta declare and shout your freedom, healing and victory. Joy is unleashed and released today, tap into it. You cannot contain or control the joy of the Lord, it is expressed” – 



Reported by: Samuel Adu

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