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The Annual Youth Conference, 5th Edition—Emerge Leadership Conference, organized by Church 316, the youth ministry of The Fountain of Life, on Friday September 13th – Sunday September 15th, 2019, cannot be soon forgotten in the annals of those that were present physically and online. From the Pre-Emerge Car Wash exercise on Sunday, August 26th, 2019, that featured all members, workers and executives of the church to the beautiful T-Shirt branding for the conference by the 316 merchandise all for one sole purpose—fund arising, evangelism and awareness, one could imagine the huge impact and success of the conference.

Themed “UNLEASHED” with Scripture reference 1Cor. 4:20, “For the kingdom of God is not in words, but in power” started off officially on Friday evening with the Emerge Production. It was such a beautiful story well-crafted with a blend of music, drama, and amusement.

Highlights of the Emerge Production

The story is centered around a wicked queen named Queen Elizabeth. She is known for the brutality, killings and destruction of men of God in the city and anyone who refused to yield to her orders in the neighbourhood, as reported by some of her hailers and servants, Tatafo and Butata. It happened that a new dweller in town, a true servant and prophet of God, Elijah, dared the wicked Queen and refused to succumbed to her powers. He was reported to the wicked Queen and summoned, yet challenged the Queen to do her worst.

So, in the bid to punish and destroy Elijah for rebelling against the Queen, the Queen hailer, Butata began to call on all the gods, magicians, powerful herbalists and spiritualist to send down fire to consume Elijah. But Elijah was unshaken and remained resolute, rather he threatened them and mocked them the more. His confidence in His God was firm and unshaken. Despite their incantations, divinations enchantments to bring down fire to consume God’s anointed servant—Elijah, nothing happened. This angered the wicked Queen and the hailers worried that their gods and powerful spiritualist can fail them.

Elijah, having seen their powerlessness decided to prove to them that there exist only one true God and Kings who is the Almighty. He called on the host of heaven and invoked the Spirit to send down fire to consume all of them. While still praying, worshipping and referencing God, fire from heaven came down and consumed all of them—the Queen’s hailers and the Queen. In the end, they all bowed down to worship and reference the God of Elijah, including the wicked Queen and her husband, the King.

The story portrayed in the beautiful stage drama ministration is a prove that God is the all-powerful. He is the supreme and sovereign God that has no rival. He is the Monarch of the universe and the difference of our lives. Thus, if we as Christian can worship Him in truth and in Spirit, we will see His manifest mighty hand upon our lives. He is the God that answers when we call Him into our situation. We serve a powerful God who created us in His own image, but unfortunately most of us do not know what we carry and the power that lies within us.


The opening speaker was no other person than our amiable Pastor Nomthi Odukoya.

Pastor Nomthi, with her unique style of teaching shared stories and insights on the power factor at the Emerge Leadership Conference, 2019. The #enjoyyourlife crooner and founder of Fundawazi Foundation, meaning in South Africa Zulu Language, learn and know opened the conference in a dimension that exposed us to the dynamics of power and how to harness it.

Drawing her scripture references from 1Cor. 4:20, Luke 10:19 and 2Kings 5:1-10 respectively, she expressed that the power of God is not gimmicks nor jokes; it is true and pure. According to dictionary definition, she said power may be the ability to act and produce an effect, it can mean influence over others. She said being a Christian is not just in words alone but in power.

According to the Bible reading in 2Kings 5, she titled her message “The Miracle of the Servant Girl”. In her words, when something is about to happen in a person’s life, God singles them out.

“You need to be able to identify the power you carry so that you are able to unleash it”, she said.

Sharing about her experience while growing up and the hidden meaning of her name Nomthi, among the other names she bears. She said Nomthidazu (full pronunciation) means a woman of power. She mentioned that while growing up, like any other girl child in her shoes, she had daddy issues because her dad had left her mum while she was still very young. She explained dad issue to mean looking for love in the wrong places. In her words, in spite of your up bring, God has already spoken things concerning your life; you better believe in Him.

According to the story is 2Kings 5, Naaman, a captain of the host of the king of Syria was a great man and a mighty man of valour. He had so much power and influence but had leprosy. He was a leper. He couldn’t help himself. But God used the slave girl in his house to bring about his healing in the end. “You don’t have to look it, just be it!”

“If you don’t have a connection with God, you are empty”. According to Pastor Nomthi, some people have spiritual leprosy that is bringing shame and reproach to them.

lessons from the Slave Girl:

  1. The slave girl is a wise girl: She understood protocol and/or authority. Not everyone in need of help receive help. The slave girl didn’t go to Naaman directly when offering help…
  2. Stay in your lane: You don’t have to be the one with the microphone but God will use you to be the one to pray for the miracle.
  3. Power of forgiveness. Luke 3:34. The slave girl didn’t have to hold grudges against her oppressors. She forgave all of them.
  4. Purpose: Just like the slave girl, the scripture did not even mention her name. It is not about your name but the name of the one (God) that used you. The story of Naaman would not have complete without the slave girl.
  5. She held on to her faith: What you are going through is not a matter of feeling sorry for yourself but a matter of what God will do through you.

Lessons from Naaman:

  1. Expose yourself to information and apply what you have learnt: Without information, Naaman’s life would have remained the same. He would have lived all his life and died a leper.
  2. Everyone need someone who will speak the truth to them.
  3. You need someone to humble you: Don’t ever get used to the blessings of God over your life.
  4. Never look down on anybody because they might be carrying your breakthrough.
  5. Vulnerability and authenticity: We don’t need to hide our weaknesses.
  6. The process: Naaman had to dip himself 7 times as instructed by Prophet Elisha. Do not stop trying. If he had stopped at the third time he would not have been healed. Be consistent and tenacious. People need to hear our testimony and glorify God.
  7. When you see somebody else prosper, know that your time will come. Don’t be jealous when you see people prosper, you don’t know when they were captive and went through pain and suffering.


Reporter by: Samuel Adu

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