Unconditional Love, The Father’s Love.

Unconditional Love, The Father’s Love.

It was a special service today- Easter Sunday. As always, Easter is that period in the year we are forced to remember the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, the price He paid for us. This is our pride as Christians. What separates Christianity from other religions? -We don’t talk about the God that was but the God that is and is still living. He’s alive!

So today’s service in church was all about celebrating Jesus’s resurrection. “He did it for you. So you may know how important you are. You’re worth it. You’re worth dying for. He loves you unconditionally”.

Pastor Jimmy Odukoya, before his sermon showed us an illustrative video and stories representing the meaningful death of our Lord Jesus Christ, the unconditional love of the Father towards us to the point of sacrificing His only begotten Son to save the world from sin. Approaching Easter from God’s perspective, Pastor J mentioned that How did God feel when He had to give up His only begotten Son? Despite Him allowing His Son to die for our sins, we still couldn’t understand the depth of His love for us. How painful can that be to us as humans? Loving people so sacrificially and yet the same people despise your love for them?

God’s love for us is so unconditional such that the more we sinned against Him, the more he forgives us, and the more He gives grace. His death is our benefits. We shouldn’t let His sacrifice be in vain. You should enjoy the benefits by giving your heart to Him today, said Pastor J.

In round off his sermon, he said;

 “If God could give His Son for you, you are priceless. It doesn’t matter what you have done, what you will do, there is nothing you do that can separate you from God’s love. No matter how far you’ve messed up, no matter how far you’ve gone, like the Prodigal Son, you can always come back home. His love for you is with no conditions, His grace is ever sufficient”.


Reported By: Samuel Adu



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