The Sunday Morning Dew

The Sunday Morning Dew

Church 316 Sunday Service, October 7th 2018.

It’s the first Sunday of the month of October.

Today is another wonderful time to bask in God’s presence.

As usual, service in Church 316 is unconventional with our unusual praise and worship jam plus undiluted word, super-duper warmth and beautiful ambience—today’s service being our Independence Day service was spiced with juicy varieties and a well-designed green carpet entrance for after-service selfies and photoshoots. Yes, talking of glam, creativity and depth, it is habitual in Church 3:16—a place to be!

The service started off with soul-lifting praise and worship delivered by the praise team, GX Choir. Bolaji Junaid came up stage to led us in some prayer points and Bible readings from the Book of Proverbs 21 and Esther. Pastor Tony then came up to introduce Tunji and Anderson; the duo sang the National Anthem.

Thereafter, Olumide Ajayi was up next to take the engaging, educative and informative Current Affairs session featuring questions and answers about Nigeria’s Affairs. The questions and answers are highlighted below;

Question:            Who was the last Senate President of Nigeria?
Answer:               Senator David Mark

Question:             Who was the last Head of the House of Representatives?
Answer:               Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal

Question:             When did Nigeria become a Republic?
Answer:               October 1, 1963

Question:             When did Nigeria gain Independence?
Answer:               October 1, 1960

Question:             When did Nigeria Army stage its first Coup?
Answer:               January 15, 1966

Question:             Where and when was Nigeria’s major Crude Oil discovered and by who?
Answer:               It was discovered in 1906 at Afam and by Olobiri by Shell Petroleum Company

Question:             What year was the First Story Building in Nigeria built and where?
Answer:               1845 at Badagry

Question:             Who was the First Missionary in Nigeria and what year did he arrive?
Answer:               Thomas Birch Freeman. He arrived on the 11th of December 1842, in Abeokuta

Followed by a hilarious drama by the Limit Breakers, the GX Choir, too, took over with their beautiful rendition. Pastor Tony came up to Introduce today’s preacher—Pastor Oyindamola.
She led a couple of worship songs before her ministration. It was indeed a time well spent in God’s presence.

To listen to the message first hand, order the tape online

Reporters: Samuel Adu and Solomon Adefisoye.                                                       

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