The Proposal: A Church 3:16 Sunday Service

The Proposal: A Church 3:16 Sunday Service

“The first most important life decision a person makes, is giving one’s life to Christ…the second is whom one chooses to marry”.

As youths who are at that stage of life where we are planning our future, marriage is usually at the top of our list and therefore it becomes necessary for us to have Godly guidance on relationships and marriage to avoid common pitfalls made in our society today. With this in mind, the service for today themed the proposal, was all about the do’s and don’ts in relationships and how to build a successful marriage.

In usual Church 3:16 manner, we were welcomed into God’s presence by the ever-smiling greeters’ department which led into a beautiful atmosphere of praise and worship courtesy of our very own GX Choir. Our lively and energetic Pastor Tony then formally welcomed us to the service whilst reciting Psalm 91.

The drama department, known as the Limit Breakers then performed a drama sketch, the storyline being that God has a perfect partner for everyone and He gives us in perfect timing. The GX Choir then returned on stage to perform a beautiful medley of songs to the delight of the audience.

Our resident Pastor, Pastor J, was then called to the stage alongside his amiable Wife, Pastor Kemi Odukoya, to re-enact how he proposed to her and this was an emotional sight to behold as it was filled with love. This then led to our sermon for the day courtesy of Pastor J.

The Proposal sermon:

A lot of us base love on the feeling of euphoria, i.e. the butterflies in the tummy, the weakness in the knees etc. when we see people we like, then when the feeling goes away, we fall out of love and then look for the next person that gives us the euphoric feeling in relationships. The feeling of euphoria in a relationship is not the main thing, it can be described as the appetizer dish, the main dish is the relationship itself; the highs and lows, the times when you have to put your effort to keep loving the person.

In business, proposal means bringing a set of plans, actions you have thought about that you want another person to buy into, so also in marriage proposal. These days we have men with no vision or plan but are being driven by a woman’s biological features and they think that is enough for proposal. A lot of people spend more time becoming brides than wives, grooms than being husbands, planning the perfect wedding than the marriage.

We must ask ourselves questions such as;

  • What am I doing to become the perfect spouse to get my perfect spouse?
  • Who am I?
  • What are my goals, vision, mission, direction?

People lose their self-identity when they enter relationships because they fail to answer the questions above.

Your partner is supposed to complement you not complete you. Nobody is perfect. So there will sometimes be disappointments in relationships. That is why you shouldn’t make your partner the source of your happiness, rather make God the source of your happiness.

Key Notes:

  • Who you marry can either make or mar you
  • What are you investing to keep that relationship going strong, if there are problems in the relationship ask yourself what went wrong on your side, when did I change, what can I do differently?
  • We have to be intentional in our relationships. For example, we have to keep fuelling a car that we have for it to run. So are our relationships. We have to keep putting in ‘emotional deposits’ for the relationship to last.

We also had questions and answers session;

  1. What should be the ideal time limit for a relationship especially for a woman without a proposal?
  2. When you know that the only reason you are interested in someone is because of looks, how do you get over such a person?
  3. Should/can you date your friend’s ex?
  4. Is it ok to date a lady that is older than you?
  5. How important is parental blessing in marriage?

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Reported By: Feyisope Bamgbala



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