Pastor Oyinkansola @Sunday Service , April 7, 2019.

Welcome to April; our month of covenant restoration

It was another super Sunday today at church 3:16 where youths from all works of life gather together to fellowship and worship God in the beauty of His Holiness.

From the song ministration by our GX Choir, to the poetry-style drama sketch by the Limit Breakers, to Pastor J leading us through a series of spirit-filled worship songs, the service was a hit back to back!

Pastor Oyinkansola, a Counsellor and Therapist and also a Pastor in Church 3:16 took us through the sermon which she titled “The mask that we live in!” Acts 5:1-10. The scripture was based on the story of Ananias and Sapphira.

A mask is defined according to the dictionary as a cover for the face. It can be used to lie or create deceit.

The moment we wake up, we all have different masks that we put on; in the office, at home, to our friends etc. This is because we try to give people different ideas of who we really are and mask our shortcomings so as to look/seem perfect.

Half of the problems we go through can be linked to the masks we put on. For example, we use social media to give a false identity of who we really are because other people seem to be doing better than us, whereas in reality the opposite is the case.

According to Pastor Oyinkansola, we need to learn to be at peace with ourselves and our achievements regardless of what other people are or aren’t doing and we also need to stop trying to compete as everybody has a different individual race to run.

Ask yourself, what mask am I putting on?


Reported By: Feyisope Bamgbala


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