Today’s service, September 9th 2018, @Church 3:16 wasn’t just about Gaise Baba and his Holy Sauce Collective Crew’s live stage performance, but a time out delight in God’s presence as seen in the members’ excitement.  The GX choir, the Church 316 Choir, opened the service with their ever-spontaneous praise and worship which literarily brought members “out of their skin” to dance before God with reckless abandon.  Members were geared to give the Lord a shout of joy inclined with a loss of mind for a second or two. As a custom, the church’s Psalm of Protection (Psalm 91), prophesy for the week, came through.

“There shall be no divination and enchantment against us” coupled with an intense prayer session to seal the prophesy.

More sauce came through from Gaise Baba and the Holy Sauce crew with other brilliant and electric performances from Kayzee , Seyizee and our very own residing Pastor Jimmy Odukoya. What a combo!

First performer, Kayzee came on stage with a twisted raster energetic song titled “Lion on the rise”.

Second performer, Seyizee grabbed the mic with a special remixed song titled “God is a miracle worker”. His performance was bursting of energy mixed with a holy sauce swagger.

Third performer, our very own Pastor J, came on stage full of life. Prior to his performance he quickly thanked members that voted for him during the AMVCA awards, even though he didn’t win, he appreciated everyone that voted for him and expressed his heartfelt joy, as he continued with a holistic worship and made members tremble in in God’s presence.

The fourth and final performer, our guest Artists, Gaise Baba and his crew, Holy Sause Collective all mounted the stage fully loaded and ready to bring the roof down. His hit songs follow follow, awa o tush o, open the door of your heart, holy sauce featuring Pastor J’s rap flow and the Holy Sauce Collective let it shine came on that everyone was thrilled and elated in the spirit of praise and worship.


The service was rounded off with Pastor Jimmy’s words of encouragement:

“Talking about God’s supernatural presence and Sauce, we should always be ready to be His sauce. He is always there to savour our lives! Don’t get it twisted, you have the power to invoke His sauce in your life; it’s all about being conscious of His Word. He needs you to be salt of the earth; He is the salt, the sauce. He moves within us. He will manifest His sauce in your life while you jump and clap in reference of Him. And of course, He salts his children with His Sauce!


Reporters: Adefisoye Solomon & Samuel Adu

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