About last Sunday’s Service at Church316, July 8, 2018.

We had an awesome service in Church today.

Caution: Don’t ever expect a boring, old school, one-sided-routine service when coming to worship at Church 316. We are the youth expression of The Fountain of Life Church, and we are unconventional!

As always, the praise and worship were powerful. We also had Pastor Seun Shobo delivered a beautiful pep talk on personal branding. It was an eye-opening session with TheBrandMASTER himself.

And then we had our Guest Speaker mount the stage to deliver the word undiluted. The sermon was such a blend of the word, motivation, worship and laughter, as our Guest Minister (who is not supposed to be referred as a guest in the house), Pastor Dipo Osinloye (now based in South Africa) is not just a preacher of the Word but also a renowned worship leader.

His Bible reference was taking from the story of Elijah and Obadiah in 1st Kings 18.

In is words, our standard as Christians is not based on people’s comments but on God’s word. The word of God, according to him, is living. That is, the Word is Jesus and thus we should always live our life by the standards of Jesus.

Speaking about living our dreams, he said;

“Things might be tough for a while, stay there. Don’t let anyone or anything box you. Step out of the box! As a Christian, your identity is incomplete if your mouth is shut. You are a handicapped Christian If you don’t speak. You’ve got to learn not to wait for things to drop on your laps, you need to go after them. You have to step out of the box to change things around you. Even if you are the one trying to stop yourself, say to yourself “Self, excuse me. Oya, Father takeover!”

Pastor Dipo mentioned that a Christian may have a Lord and yet something else can be his master.  The master taking over the Lordship of our life can be habits, fear, and our incompleteness, he said.

“Many a times, God want to keep us away from that confinement so we can fellowship with Him, but we are too attached to the box holding us down. Speak! When you speak, God backs you up except you are not speaking His will” he said.

Talking about we Christians being the light. He said the easiest way to evangelise is to have light, it’s to be a mobile carrier of His presence. If you behave like everybody else, you will never lead them. “What you are going to eat is not your major concern as far as the Kingdom is concerned, your major concern is to serve God and things will run after you (Matt. 6:33)” he said.

“Riches gives you expression, poverty makes silence”

He ended off by admonishing us to stop telling God about our problem, rather we should tell our problem about your God. “Tell the master in your life about your Lord because your Lord deserve to be the master and your lord”, he said.



I decree and I declare, I cannot be held down

I cannot be pulled back

I cannot be boxed

I step out in Jesus name!


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Stay blessed.



Reported By: Samuel Adu


  • Solomon
    Posted at 16:13h, 12 July

    Really the word is lit over here

    • 316 Editorial
      Posted at 15:04h, 05 September

      Always. Thanks, Solomon.