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We had great time out in service today Sunday, September 2nd 2018. @Church3:16. With SOLF taking over the service, they did not just “raze da roof”, the move of the Spirit was evident-in the worship, music, jumps, claps and renditions. God was glorified, the congregation was extremely blessed, more blessed by the hot exaltation from the pastors from the campuses; LAUTEC, LASU and UNILAG. And of course, the unusual Holy Ghost session by our residing Pastor, Jimmy Odukoya.

The service was opened with an electrifying, twisted and soul-lifting praise and worship by the SOLF Choir, followed by the Psalm of Protection from Psalm 91. The SOLF Drama team also treated the church to a very dramatic presentation in form of drama, word, songs and dance, depicting the life of the 21st century youth and the challenges they face from drugs addiction to peer pressure. The message, therefore, is such that God’s love is unconditional, in the midst of the challenges the love of Christ abounds. God love is always our succor point any time, any day.

1st Minister, Pastor Afolabi, SOLF Pastor, LAUTEC, in his exaltation narrated a story in Mark 2, of the man sick of palsy and how he was brought to Jesus through the roof by his friends.  He said we need friends that will propel us to God. “Young people, you are dulling if you are not a Christian, if you do not have friends who can bring you closer to God”. Narrating how he spent 11 years in the university and how tough it was for him, he said friendship, good friendship is what we need in our life.

Talking about the thing we do, he said it isn’t about what you have done but what God has done, His sacrifices and unconditional love for you. “God doesn’t give a finished product, He only gives a seed that has the genetic code of a tree. Hence, what you want does not count. He is going to by-pass what you want to give you what you need” he said.

The 2nd Minister, Pastor (Miss) Dammy, Unilag took us to Luke 4 where the Lord was led into the wilderness. She said it is one thing to know and it’s one thing to understand. Everyone apparently knows the word but most do not understand. She admonished us to not just seek to know the word but also understand the power it carries.

The 3rd Minister, Pastor Kayode, LASU talked about the limitations of the righteousness of man. He said our righteous is not through our works but through God’s sacrifice for us. “God doesn’t require anything from us. It is not what you can offer but what God is willing, what He has offered and what He’s still offering”. He concluded that every Christian need to have a deep understanding about what God has done for them and not just what they’ve done for Him as what we’ve done, or will do or we are doing can never be enough.

Our residing Pastor, Jimmy Odukoya, took the stage sharing revelations, words of wisdom and prophetic declarations as led by the Spirit. In one of his words, he said our situation was created to realize how big our God is. Because when we experience lack in our lives, we are reminded that God is our provider.

“Your personal struggles were to remind you that God is your deliverer. God always responds to whatever you call Him regardless of your situation. Call Him what you need Him to be! It is not enough to call Him who He is, you have to come to a point of knowledge of who He is to you”

Talking about God awesome presence as it was evident in the service, he said “We cannot manufacture His presence, He is either here or not! Don’t get it twisted, we did not create the music, it is not about being emotional, He doesn’t need the music or a nice symphony to move; He is the music, the symphony. He can move in our silence, he can manifest His Spirit in and jumps and claps. And of course, He did!


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Stay blessed.

Reporters: Adefisoye Solomon & Samuel Adu

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