Emerge 2015 Conference Day 2 – Pastor Nomthi Odukoya

Emerge 2015 Conference Day 2 – Pastor Nomthi Odukoya

The day two of the emerge leadership conference was such an unusual one, with the youths taking over the worship service from the praise and worship to the beautiful renditions from Springs Of Life Fellowship (S.O.L.F.) LAUTECH Choir. There were also testifiers from the service that attested to the awesomeness of God in their lives, families and businesses.

Pastor Nomthi Odukoya in her unusual style of sharing God word with beautiful, rib-tickling, real-life stories, drawing practical life lessons therefrom shares on what she titled “The Voice”. She first started using a life experience she learnt from her two driving schools in South Africa. According to her, the driving process in SA can be very strict sometimes considering the different experience she had with her instructors. While her first instructor was such an encourager who always encouraged her to keep focused and that soon she’ll emerge as a pro in driving, it was a different ball game with her second instructor, who happen to be very sarcastic and unassuming in his approach, as he never really had time in cossetting her but would rather be so strict on her to the point of her almost giving up on his attitude.

In her words, “I learnt life lessons from my two instructors; I learnt to be encouraged and mentored. I also learnt that sometimes we just have to forget to check on people’s attitude towards us and just learn the lessons they are teaching us. I learnt that sometimes we can explain our failures and sometimes we might not have the opportunity to explain them. At this point, we should just take everything as it were and keep going”.

Drawing her scripture references from 1Samuel 3:1-8, Isa. 30:21, she explained that we must be known for something. As Prophet Samuel was known for his words not falling to the ground and Moses for his meekness, emerging leaders are known for something.

You should be enthusiastic, it’s very fantastic, but if you are not hearing God’s voice (like Samuel), you will be heading towards the wrong direction. Not hearing from God on which direction to take in life will only make you run helta skelta” she said.

Conclusively, she nailed the following salient points:

  • How do you talk about people in authority? Hope you are not the type that bullies people in authority like those kids calling Prophet Elijah beard man?
  • The story of Samuel in Eli’s house, while God was calling him teaches us patience because while we will be leading people, they are going to irritate us as well, as seen in Samuel returning to Eli at the hearing of his name without Eli not calling him but God.
  • It is very scary to live your life without God because your life is only safe with Him.
  • Whatever God has saved you from, use it as a tool to save others. Don’t be ashamed of it. When God heal or blesses you, you are blessed to be a blessing.
  • Let us always be happy for others when they emerge. Our own time will come too.

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