Purpose And Your Dependency On God

Purpose And Your Dependency On God

Today’s service, April 14 2019 kicked off as expected. As our akin routine, we read our Psalm of Protection from Ps 91, followed by our ‘Promise for the week’- Proverbs 2:7. And yes, we prayed it into existence.

Spicing up our service:

A wordsmith, Henry, came on with encouraging, enthusiastic and alive words. Our very own RGK came on with an energetic, soul lifting, epic dance ministration.

Then came up the best choir on this side of heaven (as we love to call them), the GX-Choir as usual with their contagious energy-in-song ministration titled ‘Brighter Day’.

Pastor Jimmy Odukoya, our very own Pastor Jay, took us on another level of ministration, openly told us to ask ourselves WHY WE CAME TO CHURCH? Majority of the response were validating the fact to marking attendance, linking the latter to Peter, who walked with Jesus to fulfil destiny.

Pastor Jay said;
“Whatever your expectation of coming to church, is what you’ll leave with”.

Look at the scenario where two people are supposed to go on a date, while one is all set, the other dressed shabbily. Logically, the other won’t be happy on that date. Now that’s how God feels when every Sunday we come into his presence without being prepared for Him.

Church is not the building, the seat, the air condition or our neighbours; Church is YOU! Forget about what’s within your hearts of hearts, focus on the LORD.

One thing God cannot do for Himself is to worship Himself. No. The devil is angry at the fact that we can worship God, so don’t let him distract you from your duty because that’s why you were created from the onset.

Looking at the life of God’s anointed king, David, Pastor Jay said;
“You can be anointed and not be changed. Sometimes your purpose might not be your calling; God’s purpose will always hijack your life…We believe once we’re anointed everything is supposed to be easy”.

The only time God isn’t with you is when you go against Him. To always be in-line with purpose, there must be a dependency on God. “Anything that isn’t from God I don’t want it”.

“If you co-depend on God, then you won’t act without inquiring from Him. The moment you disconnect, you set out of purpose. When you’re not in purpose, you’re not where you are supposed to be and when you’re not where you’re supposed to be, you would see what you’re not supposed to see, and then you fight what you’re not supposed to fight…Here’s the thing about sin; when you commit the first sin, you have to do another one to cover it up, and then you go deeper into it…”

Looking back at the life of David. He got disconnected from God and slept with Bathsheba; the wife of Uriah. The strategy to win the war that was giving to him was used to cover his track and sin. At times when you’re disconnected, other people’s lives are affected. That one sin you commit today can affect your tomorrow. The more we conceal sin the bigger it gets, he said.

Pastor Jay said;
“Your work with God is so important, it’s bigger than you.”

Decide right now and ask God for grace, to be connected to Him always. Tell him to help you realize your purpose which is only meant for you.

Say this prayer: Forgive me; help me get connected back to you.

Reported By Adefisoye Solomon

Join us for our first evangelism of the year on Saturday, 27th of April, 2019.
On Sunday, 28 April 2019. we would be having our very own GX-Choir take over the service. It’s gonna be a blast!

Whether you’re you an AKOKITE OR NOT join us on the 24the of April, 2019, at Unilag Campus Fellowship Spring of Life Felloeship (SOLF) and be a part of the program titled ‘’SOFT SPOT’’. Invite your friends.

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