Pastor Jimi Odukoya @Church316 Sunday Service, Sunday 3rd February 2019.

February is a LOVE month celebrated in the world all-over.

Welcome to the month of love, from Church 316.

As the theme for this Sunday service clearly is “love on a two-way street”, the service today is best described as the love service, following the ministrations from GX Choir titled Love Lifted Me, special rendition from Joyce titled Good or Bad, and a hilarious drama by Limit Breakers on the story of a guy and his female friend for 10years that supposedly should turn to a proposal as anticipated by the lady who in her thought had assumed that they were dating or in a marriage-in-transit relationship until the guy opened up that they are mere friends with benefits without any emotional attachment. The lesson behind the drama as revealed in their conversation is that every relationship should be defined by both parties involved. Ground rules should be set, and love should always not be mistaken for close friendship or being there for each other.

Pastor Jimi Odukoya came up stage for a round of solemn and deep-spirited worship with the backing of the GX Choir before delivering his sermon he so tiled LOVE. He started off with an open question on what love is and a few responses from the congregation ensued;

“Love is the unconditional giving of yourself”

 “Love is a feeling you feel when you feel the feeling as never been felt before!” –Pastor J quoting anonymous

 “Love is God in action. It is simply a display of God’s characteristics and attributes” –First Timer in church

 According to Pastor J, the reason we have so many relationship issues in the world today is because people keep defining love the wrong way.

1st John 4:7-8. The scripture said God is love. Love being a Noun. Not an Adjective (describing an attribute) or Verb (action word). Love is a person. God is love. Thus, love is God. Everything God does is love. He is love personified.

He said, you cannot give what you don’t have. If you don’t have love (which is God), you cannot give it. The problem we have with so many broken relationships is because we try to give what we don’t have. How can you talk about love (God), that you don’t have? 1st Cor. 13.

“You cannot talk about me unless you know me. A lot of people try to display love, but they don’t know the person of love. To know love is to know God.”

 Genesis 1:1-3; 2:15-22, Psalm 119:1, John 1:1-5.

 According to PJ, the first thing love (God) does is create. The first thing love ever create was light. And the foundation of this light is vision, information and direction. When you as a man/woman encounter God, you will encounter these three—vision, information and direction.

He said, the more you know God and spend time with Him, the more things begin to function in your life, the more He gives you vision, information and direction.

“If God is love, and He is in you, you cannot fail.”

“If two partners carry this perfect love (God), they cannot fail because they have direction.”

“The best place to find your spouse or your significant other is in God”

God brings Eve to Adam. He saw her (that is vision). The Bible says, “She shall be called Woman” (this is information). “Now a man will leave his father and mother and shall cleave to his wife” (this is direction).

“If you obtain favour from me (God), it must be from me”

“He that finds a woman (not any woman) from God obtains favour from the Lord”

When she is a God woman (a good thing as the Bible calls her)- Eve was from God, he (the man) obtains favour from God.

The word “find” means to “attain to”. Not any babe will give you favour. Find yourself in God and He will bring the woman from Him to you. It is always good to let God bring the woman your way. When you see the flesh of your flesh, you will know. If you have God and you have love, you will know when you see the bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh, he said.

The Bible says “Follow me”. When you follow Him, He will bring him/her.


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Keep meditating on our Promise for the Week Ecc. 3:14


Reporters: Samuel Adu and Adefisoye Solomon

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