It’s the first Sunday service in November with the theme “LET’S TALK INVESTMENT SUNDAY”—You could call it a service with a switch. Yes, the GX Choir took us to another realm of praise and worship like never before—that is why we call them the best Choir on this side of Heaven.

Reading our Psalm of Protection for the Week, from Psalm 91 led by Pastor Tony, our promise for this week was also taken from Deuteronomy 28:7. Our very own ever glowing Pastor Bisoye Okoli anchored the “investment” service. And with no further ado, the guest speakers were introduced.

FIRST SPEAKER: Trinita Akpan, Managing Director Triakot Properties
Topic:    Investing in Real Estate

The question most young people ask is; at my age, can I afford to invest in real estate?

You need to have a purpose and genuine reason for buying into it.

Trinity Akpan gave four (4) major types of investors viz:

Value Appreciation Buyer: These investors buy cheap lands and wait for them to appreciate.
Cash Flow Equity: These investors see returns within 5 years.
Home Ownership Buyer: These investors invest to guide against inflation.
Cash Protection Buyer: These investors tend to secure a home for their families.

She asked the congregation to point out who invests more between men and women then narrowed the question down to Real Estate. She said according to research, men invest more in Real Estate. She was quick to advice women to slow down on spending on material things that cannot guarantee a future, rather they should be like the Proverbs 31:16 woman; “She considers a field and buys it”

She gave insights on places to invest in Nigeria, considering the worries and hassle researching the best places the buy land:

LAGOS: Here, world class development is on, and it’s one of the headquarters of world class commerce. Locations like Lekki, Ajah, Ibeju Lekki, Agbara etc are suitable locations.

  • Invest before development goes there fully
  • In these locations, increase in value is guaranteed


ABUJA: This state comes next, It’s the seat of power. There is expansion. You can still get an affordable land in locations like Lugbe, Durume, Mpapa etc. And housing estate areas like Galadimawa, Suncity, Sunny Vale Estate etc.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Invest only in properties that have title.
  • Involve your lawyer in every transaction. Do your due diligence. See locations for yourself and check that the documents are valid.
  • Start simple. If half a plot is what you can afford go for it.
  • Don’t enter with a ‘make it quick’ mentality.
  • Don’t invest your money in the same location.
  • The sector can be volatile, spread your tentacles.
  • Don’t part with your money without an investment lawyer.


SECOND SPEAKER: Lekan Akinwande, ARM Financial Adviser
Topic:    Financial Planning & Investment Options

A financial investment is an asset that you put money into with the hope that it will grow or appreciate into a higher sum of money.

The financial planning process involves five steps namely:

Step 1:  Set your financial goals

  • Identify them
  • Narrow your objectives
  • Know your risk tolerance
  • Review your personal financial status


Step 2:  Build a budget

  • A budget is an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time.


Step 3:  Build your personal income statement

  • Develop financial strategies to achieve your goals
  • Separate your short-term goals, medium-terms goals and long-term goal
  • Choose carefully
  • Implement the strategies


Step 4:  Start new

  • Stick to your plan


Step 5:  Monitor and Review

  • Be prepared for change

He rounded off by saying “what you need to do now is to let your cash work for you by maximizing your retirement savings. Never forget to invest especially investment in stock brokerage”.


Reporters: Solomon Adefisoye and Samuel Adu

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