Pastor Jimi Odukoya @Church316, Independence Day Special Service, Sunday October 6th, 2019.

Welcome to October, Our Month of Double Honour.

So, in commemoration of Nigeria’s Independence day celebration on October 1st, we had an awesome “independence day” service themed “The BIG day: When Blood Is Green”.

We had a special guest from Government Relations Department, from the Fountain of Life Church, Mrs. Adenike Odunuga, who came to share with us how we can take our inheritance and ownership of what belongs to us as youth of this great Nation, Nigeria.

Referencing Isaiah 60 and Psalm 47:4, she said God, who never does anything out of purpose, choose Nigeria for us; He has put Nigeria in our hands and we are meant to shine her light.  Nigeria, she said, though endowed and blessed with plenty of human and natural resource, the state of things shows Nigeria to be a waste land. The youths who are meant to shine in the world are hopeless and helpless.

She encouraged us not to be hopeless but to take ownership of our inheritance.

“Don’t see yourself as helpless or hopeless. You and I are the hope of righteousness”.

She rounded off by admonishing the youth to have a renewal of mindset and see themselves as the ones to lead the change rather than relying on the government.

“A new Nigeria begins with the renewal of your mindset. You are the one God has planted in Nigeria to make a difference” she said.

Youth Pastor Jimi Odukoya, before digging into his sermon led us into a realm of pure and undiluted worship. He then started his sermon that dwell on the theme for the month Double Honour with the scripture from Isa 61:1-8, Psalm 103:13 and Esther 6:1-3 respectively.

According to him, as New Testament Believers, the Spirit no longer come upon us and go again. Now the Spirit dwells in us.

“You are not working to a position that you have to wait on the Spirit of God to rest upon you, the Spirit now lives in you” he said.

Speaking about honour and being worthy, he said you must be creating some type of value or attribute to be worthy of honour. Your job, therefore, is to minister to the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to people in captivity.

He said, your source is God, no need for scarcity or lack because you’re planted of the Lord, you are rooted in Him. Therefore, everywhere you go, strangers will be mandated to blessed you, because God’s glory will be shown off in your life in this season in Jesus name.

Declaring and decreeing, he said;

For you this season, for everywhere you’ve experienced and witnessed shame and reproach, you shall get double honour. God will use you to show off His Glory this season. This is your appointed time for portions of favour in Jesus name.

When it all seem there is a delay, it’s all part of the plan for God to give you double. Just like Mordecia in Esther 6, your book of remembrance is opened today. Those who are meant to honour you, and nothing is happening, in this month everything that shall be accrued to you will not only be accrued to you but will be doubled in Jesus name. Your good deeds that you’ve been doing that you think it’s devalued and amounting to nothingness is being recorded. Because it is part of the plan, God will use the people that have been responsible for your disappointment and shame to bless you in Jesus name, he decreed.

You’ve been in that position praying and nothing happened, Keep praying…

You’ve been in that position giving and nothing happened, keep giving…

You’ve been believing all these while and nothing happened, keep believing…

Don’t stop. Don’t leave that position, because when the time of your blessings shall come, you must be in position to receive it. God is orchestrating your lifting in Jesus name! Amen.


This week shall be your blessed and most fruitful week in Jesus name. Selah.


Reported by: Samuel Adu

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