It’s the first day, week and month of the 2nd half of the year 2018. And it’s a Sunday service at Church 316. It’s 1st of July! Happy New Month!

As usual, the soul-lifting praise and worship is a custom in Church 316; you don’t want to miss the move of the Spirit during this time of the service.

In the midst of the worship, Pastor Jimmy Odukoya could not but reflected on the state of our nation; the recent killings and the sad ill-fated tanker explosion that happened in Lagos on Thursday 28th of June, 2018, claiming lives with over 50 vehicles burnt.

Reflecting on all these may cause one to ask God questions like “Why will God make one a Nigerian where human life has little or no value?” Well, Pastor J was quick to remind us that “We are born in Nigeria for a reason, adding that we are in trying times in this nation. And if we say that there is nothing we can do, then nothing will change. At a point like this in our country, we need to PRAY and ACT more than ever before”.

Pastor Jimmy encouraged the youth in church to get their PVC and vote for the right candidates during elections. It’s our civic responsibility. “We are still Nigerians, so don’t let’s stop praying”.

That said.

Now to the sermon for the day, Pastor Jimmy shared deep insights on God’s grace and love using Judges 6:6-24 as a Scripture reference.

According to him;

“Grace takes you from the back seat and put you in the front”

He also went prophetic;

“Somebody is about to enter strange territory and possess it”

“You are free from that bondage, sin, habit in Jesus name”

“In this month of open door, doors will be open unto you”

“Some of you are looking for that open door, but God is making you become that open door for people even in this season in Jesus name”


Understand that God is always a good God. No matter what stage you find yourself in life, Good has already provided all you need. He will not give you an assignment and not make the provisions available. Our problem is unbelief, said Pastor J. He also mentioned that God is only looking for people that can trust him in spite of what the circumstance is. “Hold fast to what God said; if He can allow you go through it, he will not only provide all you need, He will bring you out of it”, he said.

Talking about the sinful nature, Pastor J said that the strategy the devil uses on us is to get us comfortable to sin, thereby driving the Spirit of God away and leaving us with our flesh (that is not born again) until we make sinning a normal thing. Sometimes we get so cut up with sin that we begin to call ourselves based on the sin we are used to instead of who God has called us to be. You are not your struggles, habits, sin etc., said PJ, you are much bigger than that.

“Don’t think that God does not know who you are. Grace does not call you by your struggle, He call you by who you are in Christ. You are the apple of God’s eye; He knows you by your name”

Just like Gideon in Judges 6:17, some of us are busy asking God for the sign just to validate His promises, not knowing that we are created to be the sign. See, God’s grace is real. God’s grace is available. God’s love will draw you towards Him. In that fallen and messed up state of yours, He love says JUST COME!


The sermon ended with and alter call for people who came out to give there lives to Christ.

The Bible states, “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God”. This type of sermon is worth hearing over and over again. Order the audio on our website at


God bless you. And have a blessed week!


Reported By:

Samuel Adu



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