The EMERGE Leadership Conference held between the 21st—23rd of September, 2018, was so impactful, with the encounter surreal. It has to be reloaded for today’s service, September 30th, 2018. With an exciting array of performances by The GX Choir, Limit Breakers, Mofe and our main guest artists—Gospel Force, we indeed had a swell time in God’s presence.

The service started off with an electric praise and worship session courtesy of our ever-vibrant Choristers, GX Choir. In case we weren’t fully warmed up and gingered for the service by then, Pastor Tony led us in a warm up session before taking us through our Psalm of Protection Psalm 91 and Promise for the week from Genesis 26:3-4. The drama department, the Limit Breakers then performed a drama sketch, showcasing the importance of not just inviting people to Church but demonstrating and showing why they should come to church.

The GX Choir were then back on stage with songs titled “Wo n’to be” and “Unstoppable”. Mofe, the Guitarist, was then next up to lead us through a series of soul uplifting music we wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

Pastor J then introduced our Guest Ministers for the day Gospel Force, a Gospel Rock Band who completely shut down the house with their unique style of praise which featured popular gospel songs remixed into rock genre. By the time their session was over, like they did during the Emerge Concert, they had only left us wanting more. Luckily, Pastor J was on hand to round off the service with an intense prayer session and prophetic declarations.

The service ended with the Church 3:16’s “Grace” song.


Reported by Feyisope Bamgbala

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