It was Sunday service in Church, but an unusual kind as it were—the Emerge Sunday Service. The Conference will be absolutely incomplete without a word from our amiable mother in the Lord, the enjoy your life Pastor (Mrs) Nomthi Odukoya, as we love to call her.

 The service had a repeat of the Emerge Production just so Fountaineers can have a feel of the opening ceremony of the Emerge Conference. And then, starting off with the promise for the week as usual, Pastor Nomthi read from the book of Daniel 11:32;

“Those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits”.

She noted that the promise actually goes well with the theme “THE RISING” as she shared a few points; When you’re rising you’re set to do great exploits, when you’re rising up, there will be few things that will want to oppose you on your way.

Reading from John 12:2-8, She said Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus’ disciples was chosen by Jesus to be part of the twelve disciples, but reading from this passage it was clear how Judas was resentful towards Jesus and disliked all He was doing, he felt he could do this better than Jesus. He was also jealous of Him (Jesus), he forgot he was brought into the team by the same Jesus who he would soon betray.

According to Pastor Nomthi, this was a prophetic act, because it was part of the preparation of ascension into heaven, but Judas could not understand because he was a man of the flesh, he couldn’t understand the things of the Spirit neither. Jesus knew Judas was a thief, he could have rebuked him instantly but Jesus didn’t want to shift the focus.

She said,

“When the devil creates a scene for you, do not enter into it. Watch why you come to church, don’t come to church to criticize people. Never be quick to judge when you do not truly understand. People talk because they have hidden motives within them…

“When you’re rising, haters will criticize. Let the haters embarrass themselves. A fool vents his mind, but a wise man keeps to himself. We all have weaknesses but some people deny and behave like they know it all. Admit your weakness especially as a young person. Know who you talk to, share your weakness with someone you can get appropriate help. Be accountable. Remember, life is governed by principles. And in the Kingdom of God, there are principles. When one goes against God’s principles, he’ll reap what he sows.

“You are a rising star. So, watch what you listen to and the conversations you get involved in.”


Reporters: Adefisoye Solomon and Samuel Adu

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