Ubong King, is the convener of the yearly event Thinkation. He is a disruption and a highly sort after transformational speaker. We are pleased to have him at this year’s Emerge Conference.

Mr. King has done justice to unleash and awaken our minds by speaking so powerfully into our souls, sharing powerful, thought-provoking, unpopular and heavy weight insights.

Speaking on so many areas within the time given, it was obvious that he is loaded and well-armed to deliver the message as e dey hot!

Below will be cogent points he raised as we are able to pick from his slide and presentation. You just want to do yourself a favour by getting the DVD so you get to pip into his presentation slides…

When God wanted to bless a man, He gives him a woman. I am happy for the woman in my life and the children God has given me. There are 4 people in my life—my 4 children.

One is an Organizer

Another is an Executional

The other is a Negotiator

And the last but not the least is a Manipulator

Everything about Disney that we know today started with a rat. What inspires you?

Gen 4.16-17 If your plan in life is to build a 2bedroom flat, you are a poor man! Cain, a vagabond built a city. How? He must have been affected by mentorship: Cain had probably seen his father worked, observed and listen to him. When are you listening to? Where do you get your inppiration?

Gen1:1-3. Rev.12:1-3, 17;5:8-11. Before the idea of creation, according Ubong King, war had started in heaven. So, the ordinary Boko haram that is terrorizing us in Nigeria is a learner!

War has started! The moment you become a Christian, there is an attack; you better know how to fight.

Gen. 1:3 is not the story of creation but of recreation.

The minimum source of income a Christian should have is 4 just like the garden of eden-4 rivers to water it.

The Mandate- To dominate.

Sometimes you need partnership to make it work. God needed partners to make the earth work.

Case study- Daniel Craig.

Jere 1:5.

Leadership – God the Father

Authority – God the Son

Power – God the Holy Spirit

Air domination

Land dominion

Sea dominion

The problem is not your location, but your thinkation.

Your poverty is an insult for God.

Stop eating your opportunities

Adebayo Ogunlesi, a Nigeria is the owner of Gatwick airport,United Kingdom

Silas Adekunle is the highest paid Robotics Engineer and he is Nigerian.

The difference between an Eagle and a vulture is appetite

If you are depending on salary, you have a vulture mentality.

God is never an employee. The Bible says study to show thyself… There is a part of your life that you must show yourself.

Production mentality equals result mentality

And Eagle is notably the symbol of power, beauty and freedom.

Freedom comes with a choice. Pain is the down payment for gain.

Country of flightless birds- New Zealand. They can’t fly because they don’t have predators. Nothing is predating or pressuring them to push them out of their comfort zone.

100 meters is the race of dignity. When you don’t run the race of dignity today, you will run the race of entertainment for others tomorrow.

Life is about making impact and not for counting statistics.

The fire burns but the smoke kills.

Political disruption. The political avengers—They are not thinking of the next election but the next generation. Compare out leaders here in Nigeria.

Uncontrolled population explosion. If our leaders are not thinking long term on how to solve the problem of population explosion, then we are in BIG trouble. The traffic we see today in Lagos is just small…

How hungry are you?

Elon Musk- Game changer, Tourism.

The lion is the King of the jungle and has the spirit of leadership – attitude.

Your academics is not the guarantee for success.

Our young people are indiscipline. The first and most important law of life is discipline.

When you see the glory, ask for story.

Ubong King, Born on August 22nd, 1972..

Whatever take root down, will bare fruits upward.

When fathers and mothers keep quiet, their children become irresponsible tomorrow.

Time clock of life

0-6 years of innocence

7-13 foundation building years

14-20 vision detonation years

21-30 test and experimental years

31-50 years of mastery and consolidation

50 and above – retirement

Who is the witch in your family? The family that gave you free food!

Free food stop you from thinking. Until you are hungry you will not look for food. Stay hungry!

Whatever you eat will determine your future, it will eventually eat you up. Hunger is God’s gift to man.

The only way to predict your future is to create it. Nothing start until you start.

Start with what you have.

Passion without motivation is frustration.

Doing small business is a waste of executive life. Study and select your market and go for it just like the Lion.

The only way to come out of trouble is to enter the trouble.

You don’t need money to start business, you can broker. You need sense!

Copy until you become.


Reported By: Samuel Adu

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