It was already a loaded and Word-suction day at the Emerge Leadership conference 2018. Without further ado, listening to the message preached by Bishop Feb Idahosa (except one missed his session), one would say the conference was incomplete.

Married to the school’s Director of Campus Life, Reverend Laurie Idahosa who is an American, Bishop Feb Idahosa presides over the Church of God Mission International (Global Bishopric) and also doubles as President, Benson Idahosa University, Benin City. He is also the Chairman, Above Only Group of Companies and Vice President, Faith Mediplex Hospitals.

Speaking at this year’s Emerge Leadership Conference, Bishop Feb shared powerful insights on the sacred Christian life and the secular world. First, he piqued our interest when he defined “Sacred” to mean something connected to a Deity—A Deity he termed as something connected to religion. And then the “Secular”, meaning things that have to deal with the world.

Drawing his reference from Matthew 5:10-16, He explained that our light needs to shine every day and not just on Sundays alone. He said the secular as it were, is not meant to be hidden from the sacred. But we Christians, out of religiousness, naivety and “assertive ignorance” have separated the sacred from secular.

[Matthew 5:16]

“Let your light so shine before men that they may see your moral excellence and your praiseworthy, noble, and good deeds and recognize and honor and praise and glorify your Father Who is in heaven” –AMP

You are the light of the world and the light that you carry is supposed to shine among ALL men, not in your church or your house, he said. Illustrating further, when the light of God enters into politics, education, music etc., we will now see the light in it. It is because we are not carrying our lights into politics, music, education etal, that we see darkness in form of corruption and decadence prevailing these sectors.

“Christ says, go inside the world…take the sacred and enter the secular! Make money, gain popularity and still preach the gospel. Your music should not be any less quality compared to the secular”

Bishop Feb further explained that Christ is our door. Hence, we can penetrate anywhere, any sector or industry and be the light right there.

“When Christ opens a door. He removes the engine, meaning, no one can shut it again.”

Just in case we might have forgotten who we are, he reminded us that;

“The devil did not create anything. God did. And the same God lies inside of you. You are a creator!”

Your job is to point everyone and everything to Christ. It is time to show yourself because it shows how good your God is. Everyday, emerge, shine your light to the world. Because we are the church, we should emerge!


Reporter: Samuel Adu

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