This year’s edition of the Emerge Leadership Conference seems to have its best part by bringing experts in the entertainment industry to come exchange knowledge, share their story with us at the Unleashed.

We have on the mic Femi Jacobs, Adaora Mbelu, Adeolu Adefarasin, Banky W, Chindinma Ekile and Pastor Jimi Odukoya as the moderator and anchor. Issues around keeping the values as a Christian in the secular world of entertainment, balancing spiritual life and career, purpose and manifest power in the life of celebrities—the Christians in the secular e tal were thoroughly discussed with questions flowing left and right from the attentive audience.

On keeping the values as Christians, Fami Jacobs, actor and musician, admitted that this is not without struggle but God’s Grace is sufficient. He said what matters is why you are doing what you are doing and not just what you are doing. Adeolu Adefarasin, ordained Pastor and actor, and other panelist also attested to this.

On how they constantly remain in the limelight, Adaora and Chidinma submitted their stand that in spite of, nothing can ever separate them from the love of God. Banky W, expressed that “Everything I’ve done, is because of God’s grace. I started my relationship with God in TFOLC. Even my mistake and slips offs, God has orchestrated all of that to bring me to where I am today.

Speaking on the importance of purpose and how it affects everything we do, Adaora said our purpose really is who is going to benefit as a result of our existence on earth. Femi Jacobs added that it also required discipline form our path. He said “Being disciplined to put in the work to utilize our gift effectively…Purpose is an entire journey”. He continued “Necessity is the first bus stop of God’s vision. It will lead you to your gifts. What do I need to do now, what do I have now to do with?”

On the controversy of secular music being of the devil and not God, Chidinma is of the contrary opinion that God cannot give gift that is evil to man. “I don’t believe any gift God give is evil, the devil doesn’t even give gift in the first place. So, for me nothing will stop me from taking my stand when it comes to God because my gift is from Him” she said.

Banky W also added that “I believe that God give music, love and sex to us as a gift. I don’t personally see anything wrong with love or clean music. There is a place of romantic music that is clean enough to enable us express the way we feel for the other person” he said.

Speaking on the same issue, Adaora said “I listen to some Godly songs that are not Godly. And then the music that is being made, what is the ripple effect and intention behind it? We have a responsibility as a church to support the people that make gospel music”.

Adeolu Adefarasin, in his comment profoundly said, “The only gift the devil give is pride”.

Do you see the power of God in your life personally?

Chidinma: I watched a lot of Africa magic- Yoruba particularly. The devil is just not powerful like that; he is just cony. God is the greatest PR guy you will ever need in your life. There is nothing wrong in service.

Femi Jacob: If you want to have the beauty of the end time church, you’ve gotta have the tongue of the holy ghost. We are in a very evil world, but once you carry the emblem of goodness, there is going to be resistance.

Adefarasin: There is importance of being selfish in the presence of God sometimes. One thing is to have the Spirit of God in you and another thing is to have it on you. Two different things. When the hand of God comes at that time, take something out of it. Rom 15:18. As for me, I whay to know God and experience Him personally. I want to be that person that tell you what I have as experiential knowledge from God and not just from what I heard.

Banky W: In my health, I’ve experienced the power of God. While growing up, I battled with skin cancer times. One thing I am convinced of is that the key is activating your faith and your relationship with God. This is the most important thing for any Christian.

In rounding off, the Panelist gave their last words.

Chidinma: You need to have faith in God to move with God. Whatever music you want to do, gospel or secular, do it but don’t forget God as your foundation.

Adaora: God is inside of your so you have the capacity to command things. Outside faith and religion, be a good human being, live an intentional life in accordance with God purpose for your life. Live a life committed to love and service.

Femi Jacobs: Whatever God brings to your door step, that is your portion. You have to arise and conquer what is in front of you to realize what is inside of you.

Adeolu Adefarasin: Zech. 8:9. It is time for us to look at building the vision God have for us for this country. Every single person seated here has the capacity to influence change.

Banky W: We’ve been waiting on God in this country but in reality God is waiting on us. It is never about the next election, but about the next generation, it’s about leaving a legacy.

Reported by: Samuel Adu

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