Pastor Jerry Eze is an accomplished Author, Publisher and Pastors at the Streams of Joy Int’l. Before his sermon, he brought greetings from his beautiful wife and also appreciated the church for inviting him to minister at the Emerge Conference the second time.

Proceeding with this year’s verse from Isaiah 60:1, the word ARISE comes from an etymology of two words “A” and “RISE”. God doesn’t just want you to run, He wants you to take A RISE. It’s not that we do not know within us that we have to arise, but because of the despondency around us and all that we might have seen, the word of God comes when things aren’t working well, when you feel downcast or things aren’t working well for you, when you feel you don’t know what to do, when you have lost hope in God, when you don’t believe in yourself, just believe His Word and Rise. These were the opening words from the speaker, Pastor Jerry Eze.


According to Pastor Eze, everything God has deposited in us might not wake up at the same time but one thing can wake up. You might not be able to do so many things at the same time, but one thing can be done; if you stir yourself from the inside you can take “A Rise” and then you will understand God is about to do the rest for you, because the story has never been about you in the first place.

“The journey has never been about your capability or strength but “A Rise” from you has the capability to see God move in your life. Once God is in a life everything begins to arise. In the beginning, God said let there be light and there was. And He (God) separated the light from darkness and that was the introduction of the seasons. Hear this: God didn’t create light, He said let there be… Another “synonym” for the word LET is allow, they had the light all this while but there is something not allowing it, there was something that wasn’t allowing it be the way it should be….”

He reminded us that we should not let the devil remind us of the failures of yesterday. Hence, we need to remind the devil to “allow” us.

He said,

“When the devil reminds you that you are not good enough to do what you are doing in church, remind the devil, ALLOW! When the devil asks you, do you know your name? That you are still praising God, tell the devil ALLOW! Listen, you have a mandate from God and the mandate states that ARISE and SHINE. So, because of this mandate tell the devil ALLOW, let me shine!”

He continued; There are times you look at things and situation around you and tell the devil this is not going to happen. When you carry things, you make proclamations; The reason why I am in that position is so that I can make a change or I make a change. I have been ordered to blaze the trail so others can follow. Sometimes all it takes is a little ARISING. The reason why you should ARISE and SHINE is because you are no longer the man you used to be. Some people have overflowing Glory but are not well positioned. Our position matter when it comes to our rising. Men do not light a candle and place it under a bushel, rather they put it on a candlestick.

Get this,

“For every light the Lord has given you He created a platform. So, if you see someone struggling on a platform ask them where is your light?”

Reading from John 12:1-7, where a woman who was bound and due to deliver her baby, was accosted by a great dragon with 7 crowns and 10 horns on its head, ready to devour her child as soon as it was born.

(vs 5) “And she brought forth a Man Child, who was to rule all nations with an iron rod…”

He said, when a woman goes into labour, two things are involved; one, the baby is saying “I am too big to be in your belly, allow me out”; two, “I have grown up in a place where I can no longer be seen.”

Get this “The attack of the devil where you are is that he doesn’t want you to grow”. When you grow into maturity there’s no authority here on earth that can stop you. The devil knows this and that is why is he trying to stop you. Let me tell you something, the reason why some people can contain you is because you have not grown to the level that you will keep them uncomfortable. Stop contemplating on what they are doing or not doing, concentrate on your own growth; pray more, activate your covenant. The more the baby grows the more discomfort the mother is and the more she wants her baby out. The problem is that you want to break into a level you have not grown into; if there is something you want to do differently this year- tell yourself “I want to grow”. Listen “We don’t jump up in destiny, we grow up!” if you jump up in destiny you will surely come down, but if you grow up in destiny you will stay up.

Decree into your life that you cannot be covered, say to yourself “I breakout!” (pray for your family members too). “Some of us are overdue for the next level”, said Pastor Jerry, “It looks like the dots are not connecting”. Shout at the top of your voice and say I BREAK OUT! There’s a generation waiting for you to come out, the people you are celebrating will celebrate you, the people you are looking up to will actually be looking up to you because the glory has filled this house, the Bible says “When you become restless you’ll break the yoke off your neck”.

He shares insight on how to know what is stopping your shine, he said when you are putting your leg forward and you’re not moving, you are praying all manner of prayers and you are still tied to a particular circle. He added that how you know it’s a problem is that every time you make up your mind you unmake it…It’s your time to break out in Jesus!

Back to the story in John 12:1-7, he said before the dragon could take get hold of the baby to devour it, it was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

Speaking on transition as a determinant of our rising, he said how sensitive or insensitive you are to your transition, determines whether or not you are qualified for the next level. Messy transitions do not produce new levels. When you are going through that condition, do you recognise your transition moment?

He said,

“In transition moment we make heavenly backed up decisions. You don’t define your decisions but you make divine decision. In transition moment opinions of men are not needed, we don’t move with the crowd but we move with our thoughts.”


Reported By Adefisoye Solomon

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