Emerge Leadership Conference 2018 Day 2 With Akinlabi Akinbulumo

Emerge Leadership Conference 2018 Day 2 With Akinlabi Akinbulumo

Akinlabi Akinbulumo is a director of Terlis Group of companies. His focus is on developing creative ideas in the Nigerian business space.

Akinlabi also known as Mr. Phisher by his contemporaries comes off as a charismatic and purpose driven individual, from his superb dressing and eloquent way of speaking, we were indeed taken on a journey to remind us that we are kings and extraordinary people and not just mere mortals in God’s kingdom.

Akinlabi starts off by describing himself as many things, but that which is prominent in his life is Dream Interpreter. This ability to interpret dreams that occur during sleep, but being able to understand and utilize the life purpose of other people into knowing his own direction in life.

His message for the EMERGE 2018 ‘The Rising’ is based on John 2:1-10. This passage is on the miracle Jesus performed at the wedding ceremony in Canaan, where He turned water filled in six jars into wine. In this story, we learnt the significance of each key item;

  • Wine symbolizing life
  • Water symbolizing Spirit
  • Six jars symbolizing man


Jesus told the servants to fill the jars with water and the jars were filled to the brim. Each jar could hold about twenty to thirty gallons of water and since they were filled to the brim, the jars would have had a large density. In physics, density is defined as how heavy an object is relative to its size. This story can be likened to when a man (jar) is filled with the spirit of God (water), he becomes dense and the more the infilling of the Spirit, the denser he becomes and begins to exhibit displacement to his surroundings.

According to Mr. Phisher, the Spirit of God in man is constantly being transformed into life (wine) and man is able to give life to his surroundings. This action is necessary for the preparation of Kings and extraordinary people. Kingship in God’s kingdom. Says Akinlabi, is therefore not a reward, but a responsibility – to give life to those around us.

Back to the story of the water to wine at the wedding in Canaan, when the wine finished, a new wine was needed. The new wine Jesus produced was decided to be the best tasting and unique. Akinlabi said we must give something unique to those around us. Our type of ‘wine’ should be one that nobody has experienced.

As rising stars, according to Akinlabi, we need constant training – training meaning a repetition of action for reaction to become second nature for mastery. This training will help us retain our Kingship and this involves 5 key steps:

  1. You must train yourself to become a person of value, you must always bring value to the table. The absence of your presence in a place should always have positive visibility.
  2. You must constantly study to gain knowledge and grow in every aspect, it makes us better people and therefore better Kings.
  3. You must have a good presentation as the presentation is key. The water from the story was brought in jars which were suitable for its purpose, not just ordinary containers.
  4. You must learn that every time you are victorious, it is only the second victory. The first victory is in our heart, minds and on our knees in prayer.
  5. You have to learn to use every free moment to keep getting better at what you do.


Reporter: Feyisope Bamgbala

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