Emerge Leadership Conference 2018 Day 2 With Adaora Mbelu-Dania

Emerge Leadership Conference 2018 Day 2 With Adaora Mbelu-Dania

Adaora Mbelu-Dania is one of the directors of Terlis group of companies, she has a strong passion for community development and her life philosophy is based on the importance of living a purposeful life by using her God-given gifts. She is also a rapper, poet and actress.

She spoke on the Topic “My SWAG is intact”

Seeing and listening to Adaora, one can easily deduce that she is the definition of swag and the topic is therefore apt. She talks about how growing up, probably from birth, she has always had physical SWAG, be it in dressing and behaviour. It wasn’t until later she engaged her spiritual swag.

She enlightens us that SWAAG is an acronym for a ‘Seat With An Awesome God’. The spelling can, therefore, include an extra “A” differing from the regular Swag. In line with the theme for EMERGE 2018 The Rising, she expressed that for us to really RISE, we have to understand our seat with God.

Infusing Rap into her message, through her alter-ego Lumina, Adaora shows us that we are born with SWAAG, the challenge though is how to keep it intact. She, however, breaks down how to keep our SWAAG intact into eight steps.

1. We need to identify the SWAAG: This means identifying our purpose in life. To do this, according to her, we need to ask and answer ourselves the following questions;

  • Who am I? (This includes your name and the qualities you possess)
  • What do I do well? (This includes your gifts, skills, and talents)
  • Who do I do it for?
  • What do the people want and need from you?
  • How do these same people change after an interaction with you?
  • We are to use the answers to the above questions to craft our purpose statement, she said. Our purpose is determined by who benefits as a result of what we do and we also need to identify our mission field which can be in our schools, offices, gym, etc.


2. Accept your SWAAG: Your purpose will take you out of your comfort place and therefore sometimes we deny our purpose and believe it’s not for us. This may be because we listen to friends who we think are the voice of God instead of listening to God Himself, we, therefore, need to have a close relationship with God.

There are insecurities associated with accepting our SWAAG, but you have to overcome them. Moses, for example, gave 5 excuses to avoid his purpose due to his insecurities as illustrated in Exodus 3:11. We, however, see that God had answers to all the insecurities. God had already equipped Moses with all he needed to deliver the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt and will also equip us, He picks the flawed and least qualified people to do the job.

3. Put in the work day in and day out: This is the hardest part of the SWAAG. As seen in Proverbs 12:11, we have to work hard and ‘till the ground’, even when it is inconvenient. When you understand your purpose, you learn that it is not about you but it is you.

4. Abandon comparison: Stop focusing on what everyone else is doing and focus on what God has already done for you. When you stare at other people’s lawns and refuse to water yours, you are wasting your purpose.

5. Do not use your SWAAG to downgrade the SWAAG of others: As seen in Romans 1:22, she said having a seat with God requires us to be humble at all times and not look down on other people, because when we do this we become foolish and lose our seat with God.

6. Let go of perfectionism: often times, said Adaora, we use perfectionism as an excuse to not fulfill our purpose. We may do this out of pride or fear-based compulsion. If we wait to be perfect before we work on our purpose we would never accomplish our purpose. Do not let perfectionism hold you back as nobody is perfect even the seemingly best people in the Bible sometimes fell short, for example, the story of Abraham and Haggai; Moses and the rock God told him to speak to, David and Bathsheba etc. Hebrews 10:14 shows that we are already made perfect by the death of Jesus Christ.

7. Self-talk: Henry Ford once said ‘Either you think you can or you can’t, you are right’. You have to keep speaking words of positivity into your life no matter the situation. The devil wants us to think we aren’t qualified and therefore puts self-doubt into us while fulfilling our purpose. It is however up to us to keep motivating ourselves through self-talk.

8. Talk to your source—God: We need to have full-on, regular conversations with God. We need to ask Him what He wants us to do, who He wants us to be. We need His leading and direction and while we are doing this, we need to remove distractions, burdens and just keep our focus on God and His power.

Adaora ends her session by telling us that if we follow the points listed above we will definitely maximize our God-given purpose on earth and show off our SWAAG.


Reporter: Feyisope Bamgbala

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