The prophetic and the anointing is crucial for our rising.  Our father in the Lord, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya did not only anoint us but also released his blessings on us all.

Starting off with a prayer for Nigeria, the body of Christ, our leaders, the youth church and setting the atmosphere of worship through the Grace Levite Fountain Worship Team, for an expectation of a miracle, he titled his message, God Makes Star.

With scripture reference from Matthew 5:14-17, Acts 26:12-19, John 8, 1:1-5, Romans 5:17 and Isaiah 58:14, he said God’s expertise is making Kings out of Slaves, making wise men out of fools and making sense out of the foolishness of this world. Matthew 5 was about the beginning of the Jesus’s mission, where He was talking to the multitudes and teaching His disciples about the qualities of the Kingdom.

“Anywhere we talk about Jesus genuinely miracles happen because everything is subject to Him.”

He said “You’re a King! Everything is subjected to you, you might not look like it, but you’re a leader, you’re a Kingdom Influencer”.

In the passage we read in the book of Acts of the Apostles, Saul thought he was pleasing God. Sure, the people of Damascus were praying and while their prayers were on, God had to stop Saul with an encounter so divine…He said, all those who encountered God through fire or light, like Saul, Moses etc. did, watch their lives. Light is never stagnant, it gets brighter and brighter even onto the perfect day.

“God is light and in Him there is no darkness. He dwells in the light in which no man can approach. One encounter with God makes you light. That is why all those who had encounter with Him fell flat on the ground…You’re stronger than the major influencers of the world. You are a star; your influence is through His light. So, declare who you are in God and stop running after those who cannot define you. Keep speaking His Word. Don’t let His Word depart from your mouth, use it in your everyday conversation and watch the result come to life.” he said.


Reporters: Adefisoye Solomon and Samuel Adu

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