Emerge 2015 Conference Day 2 – Pastor Jimmy Odukoya


With the atmosphere still fired up with the inspiring words from Pastor Fela Durotoye, the evening session adds even more spice to the already inspired atmosphere as the SOLF Lautech Choir took the audience to another level of worship with their singspiration.

Now introducing upstage the speaker for the evening- the multi-talented, young and energetic Pastor with a swag, Gospel Rapper, CEO of FIILM (FirstCall Institute for Innovation Leadership & Management), MBA holder in Business Administration from Oral Roberts University, Califonia, Coordinating Pastor of the unconventional youth church 316, Pastor Jimmy Odukoya, a.k.a., Pastor J.

Pastor J, speaking on the topic “A re-introduction to who you are”, started on a note to remind the audience that somebody needs to be confident that God handles their back. And that inasmuch as power is very important, one cannot accelerate more than the power they have. Thus, it will be totally ridiculous for God who created us with different abilities to be placing a demand on us what He has not placed inside of us.

When the Spirit enters you, you begin to operate on a frequency that is not normal; you operate supernaturally in a normal way.” ~ Pastor Jimmy Odukoya

Drawing his reference from Genesis 1, he said God created something annulled of any raw material; everything he created were from nothing—He spoke them to being and they were. Man, on the contrary, can only create from a raw material at his disposal. And so as believers, we have the Holy Spirit, we can place a demand on Him. We can create our future. All we have to do is to speak! You are not seeing the power of God because you are not placing a demand on His covenant power. Any sickness in you is an invader because God has made you an authority. You carry a power! He added that it is one thing to have power; it is another thing to have the authority to use that power. You can have power without authority, but you cannot have authority without power. Didn’t you know that you are a god? You are not normal, you are the authority of God, and you have the mind of Christ in you.

Picking from the story of the woman with the issue of blood as read in Luke 8:43 and other scripture references Matt. 8:8-9, Ruth8, 1Cor. 2:12-15; 6:19 respectively, he said considering the Jewish custom, the hem of a garment signifies authority. And so what the woman with the issue of blood thought was if should she could tap into the covenant, she would be made whole. “If I could touch His authority (Hem of His garment), that gives me the covenant of healing and I have the right to be made whole”.

“When the Spirit enters you, you begin to operate on a frequency that is not normal; you operate supernaturally in a normal way. Know that your body, mind and spirit are His temples. But a lot of us are in trouble because we allow the devil to play games in our mind. The devil has not power except the ones that we give him. If you want to know how God look like, look into the mirror. Every time you look at yourself, you are seeing Him. You are a working authority of God personified” he said

Pastor J, concluded by saying that acceleration is not a discussion, but it is your right.

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