Emerge 2015 Conference Day 2 – Pastor Fela Durotoye


The nation’s transformation speaker, CEO/Founder of GEMSTONE Group, Fela Durotoye, thrills the audience at the first emerge seminar with his thought-provoking nuggets of wisdom. Fela, popularly known as F.D., was quick to remind the audience of his first encounter with Pastor Taiwo Odukoya. In his words, “When I first got the mandate of Gemstone from God, I went to Pastor Taiwo who graciously prayed with me. And today, we are a global force. I respect the auction and anointing on the man of God a lot”.

If I waste your time I’m committing murder. If I waste my own time I’m committing suicide. Every day or time you take a breath in and out, you have one less breath” ~ Pastor Fela Durotoye

Talking briefly on Sonship and our heritage in God, he stressed that God has no grandchildren. He remains to us all, our heavenly father. And so every child is a child of God. Drawing his text from Eccl. 9:11, he stressed that it doesn’t really matter how fast you run, but when you run before the “GO” it counts for nothing. Using the top runners in the Formula 1 International Motor Sport, the following table serve as the base of discussing:

1 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1hr 36m 26.945s
2 Kimi Raikkonen Lotus 1hr 36m 37.113s
3 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes GP 1hr 36m 39.267s
4 Sebastine Vettel Red Bull 1hr 36m 30.470s


The difference between runner 1 and 2 above is about an insignificant 11sec. And the difference made one got the gold medal and the other the silver medal! And somebody will say 11sec doesn’t matter!

According to Pastor Fela Durotoye, life is time and time is life. “If I waste your time I’m committing murder. If I waste my own time I’m committing suicide. Every day or time you take a breath in and out, you have one less breath”, he said emphatically.

Speaking on the subject of time and chance, season, purpose and work, he explained that the only difference between man-mere mortal and God is time. Inasmuch as God is not limited by time, man is restrained by it. Man is limited in time. Thus, we must value time and make the most of it. He added that there is a chance for every time and a time for every chance. To every opportunity, there is a lifetime. Therefore, you must seize the opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity.

Defining the word “Chance’, he said chance mean availability of possibility, pointing that it is so unfortunate that this part of the world that we grew up in, Africa, to be precise, we don’t value time. Thus, our generation must be a generation that must redeem time fast. Eccl. 3:1, 17.

Switching to seasons, he said a season is a bandwidth, a beginning and end of time. Within a time frame, that bandwidth of possibility is called “season”. He explained further that there are three (3) seasons in the life of every man namely;

1. The Past: Where is the memory come to play. The past is characterized with the word “Then”.

2. The Present: Which is our “now“, out today. We have opportunity to make decisions today that will ultimately affect our tomorrow.

3. The Future: The future is the “soon” characterized by our imagination.

And so our faculties are connected to our seasons which invariably determine what we focus on. Focus, therefore, creates blindness in itself. This explained that when we are so past focused, we will be blind to the future. “God is so perfect; He wanted us to hear the both sides of the story before we make a decision. Little wonder, he put our ears on both sides. God in his perfection, place our eyes and feet in the same direction which means that wherever we focus on, we can work into. There is nothing that you need for your future that is behind you. Therefore, go forward!

You calling is not behind you; it is ahead of you. Your future is everything you can do that you are yet to do; it is everything you can be that you are yet to become and everything you can possess that you are yet to possess”, he said.

Explaining the difference between the young and the old, Pastor Fela Durotoye said what define the young and the old is proportion. While the old has more in their memory than they have in their imagination, the young has more in their imagination than in their memory. Eccl. 3:17

Speaking on the exclusiveness of our race as individuals, Pastor Fela Durotoye pinpointed that our race/tracks are different and so it wouldn’t make any sense for us to be competing with anybody. What matter is knowing and running your own race, as we are called to our own race and not others’ and thus running our race in time. The human race is a race against time.

He said, “Your calling is on a timer! Because you will get to a point where you must pass the baton to the next generation. This is called “Generational Transfer”. ‘It is not enough that I prepare the future for the next generation, I must prepare the next generation for the future!’”

Eccl. 1:4. “Every generation is a link to the next. And therefore, it doesn’t mean that you must see everything. If you are going to succeed in this generation choose what you look at carefully and more importantly, choose what you should be blind to”, he advised.

Every generation has a purpose. An effective generation has four (4) things that characterize it. Amongst these are;

1. They must of necessity agree as one people regardless of where they come from and their socio-economic strata.

2. They must speak with one voice regardless of whatever language they speak. Meaning what they say must be one.

Unfortunately, our generational has lost it in all form. What was right has now become wrong and what was wrong has now become alright. Matt.12:38, Act 2:14, 2Peter 2:9, Romans 5:10. Out of this generation of corruption shall emerge a generation of transformation in Jesus name!

In his parting words, Pastor Fela Durotoye shared with the audience the VALUES this generation must have:

1. Make a positive impact with everyone you meet and everywhere you go. Your impact is what is left behind after you have left. Don’t be like that man that is absence creates no vacuum nor his presence creates no value.

2. You must be a solution provider and not a part of the problem to be solved.

3. Be a role model worthy of emulation.

4. Be your best in all that you do particularly the things you are naturally good at.

5. You must do the right things at all times regardless of who is doing the wrong thing. That it is “alright” doesn’t mean it is right.

6. Value time and make the best use of it. Time must be treasured, invested, managed and enjoyed.

7. Care and show respect through your words and actions. Bestow honour on others regardless of age or class. Respect is a seed; honour is the harvest of that seed.

8. Consciously build a great legacy starting now, today and every day.

9. You must live a life of integrity and honour. Meditate on noble things. Phil. 4:8.

10. Make your family, nation and God proud. Be someone’s claim to fame.

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