We always anticipate Sundays at Church3:16, as it’s a time of unusually amazing experience in God’s presence. This Sunday was sure not an exception. Every Sunday at Church 316 are not just normal Sundays to appear customarily again with the brethren in God’s presence. Each Sunday carries it theme as inspired by the Holy Spirit. This Sunday’s service is sure characterized by the theme “Battleship”- with the dimension of praise and worship, the GX Choir ministration, the Limit Breakers’ drama ministration and the RGK dance, one is made to be reminded that Christianity is not just all about fun fair but serious warfare!

Pastor Shobo led us through an intercessory prayer session for our brothers and sisters going through one stuff or the other, we also prayed for our dear Nation and the coming general election. He urged us to keep our spirit up and our eyes open because as Christians we must watch and pray always.

“God is doing new things amongst His children. It’s not a cliché. You just need to open your eyes to see it. I see a generation with the passion to connect with the things of the Spirit”, he said.

Speaking on the power of prayer and the efficacy of our faith, Pastor Shobo said

“When you pray, you must also work because faith without works is dead!”

In the same atmosphere of word and intense worship, Pastor Paul Briggs prophetically declared that God is already transforming the lives of His children.

“God is already doing something completely different in your life right now”.

Emphasising what God said, he said

“I (God) want them to be alone with me, I want them to connect with me personally. The battle is mine says the Lord”.


Reported By Samuel Adu

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