Sunday Service at Church 3:16 is always a refreshing timeout in God’s presence. The move of the Spirit is always in different dimensions. This Sunday, March 18, 2018, was undoubtedly a remarkable one. We had testimonies of God’s awesomeness, RGK treated us with their energetic, Holy Ghost inspired dance moves, and the GX Choir gave their usual “special” number. Sometime more into the service, we had our very our Pastor J, led us in another inspired, soul-lifting worship.

As usual our first timers and returnees (second timers) were given a special recognition and warmth.

And we had one of our very own Marchant of Romance, say-it-as-it-is Emotions Doctor, Pastor Oyinkansola Alabi who was privileged to be the speaker for the day.

With reference from 1 Samuel 9:1-26; the story of Saul’s quest for his Father’s (Kish) lost Donkeys, she titled her sermon “Assignment Protective Power”.

According to the scripture reference, she drew insights from the verses thus;

  1. God’s intentions was to make Saul a King. But for that to happen, some of his father’s Donkeys must stroll away.
  2. Second, God wanted to introduce Samuel to Saul. Hence, he needed to move out of his comfort zone.
  3. Third, God’s intention was to anoint Saul, his present challenges notwithstanding.
  4. Forth, God wanted to introduce Saul to his next level in life. Saul’s journey to grace and anointing started from looking for Donkeys but in God’s agenda, he was to come home with power.

Pastor Oyinkan explained that the idea of “lost” creates movement. The fact that you lost something, you will search for it, you will move somethings.

“Are you at that point in your life that you are looking and searching for something and haven’t found it? You have waited on God in prayers and fasting, thought you heard God and have obeyed His instructions, yet you are a subject of mockery? It’s ok for your enemies to mock you, it is there job description. It is even worst for your friends and closest allies to make mockery of your present situation—that in its own is demonic!  But you need friends that can drop their lives for your breakthrough like Saul’s servant in verse 6-8”

Pastor Oyinkasola further expounded on the formula for happiness. She said,

When your life’s conditions matches your blueprint you, by default you will be happy. I.e. when your present situation matches your expected outcome, you will be happy. Unhappiness, according to her, is the reverse. I.e. when your life’s conditions does not match your blueprint, it brings about unhappiness.

According to her, “It is ok to exhaust your wisdom in seemingly challenging times. Other people still have, consult them”. Like Saul and the Servant, Consult your friends, your leaders and Pastors for advice, draw from their wisdom, she said.

In verse 14 & 22 of the scripture above, we saw how Saul’s life played out; from God’s intention, to the loose of the Donkeys, to the journey and then to Saul’s calling. Another title of this sermon will be From Donkeys to Anointing. Saul was still looking and searching, but God has told Samuel about Saul.

The concluded with these quotes;

“The fact that you are still looking, praying and fasting does not mean provision has not been made, it does not mean your prayers have not been answered”.

“We are at a point when anything can depress us, but we need to know our source of income”.

“Every bullet, every pain tell a story. I needed that pain to move me out to look for my Donkeys, to become who I am”

Verse 22:

“No matter how empty the jungle and forest is, the Lion still have something to eat. As a covenant child of God, your blessing is reserved.”

Saul was looking for Donkeys, but God was looking for a King! Your story is different and unique to you, don’t create room for envy. Envy distracts and destroys, it replaces your focus. Don’t let it. Focus on God!


The service ended with prayer points and prophetic release from the Pastors.

This message is worth hearing over and over again. Order for the audio on our website at



Reported By: Samuel Adu


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