Welcome to Year 2019!

What an awesome God we serve. And yes 2019 has been declared Our Year of God’s Unfailing Covenant by our set man of God, our father in the Lord, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya.

So, our first service in Church3:16 has been themed “A New Thang!” because God is set to do new and awesome things in our lives this year. Today’s service started off with dancing in the presence of the Lord, led by our very own talented singers, GX choir who ministered in praise and worship to the delight of the congregation. Pastor Tony then formally welcomed us to a new year by reminding us that joy comes from above and that our hearts will never stop rejoicing throughout the year, we then recited Psalm 91 (Our Psalm of protection).

Our Promise of the Week was taken from 2 Kings 3:17. Awesome testimonies from the congregation were also shared that showed God’s faithfulness in the lives of His children.

“Hossana Forever” was the title of the beautiful song rendered by the GX Choir. Beautiful rendition as usual.

Pastor Paul Briggs was then on stage, drawing us into a mood of intense worship before giving us the sermon. His sermon was based on Isaiah 43:14-19 (NLT), where God speaks about doing a “New thing”

“God will send an army against your enemies, He will force the enemies out. All God has done in the past is nothing compared to what God is going to do, He will do something new…” he said.

He continued, “The essence of God is new, because He is the same yesterday, today and forever. When you have God, you have newness…Forget about the past, successes that never happened last year, this is a new day, the day the Lord has made, Psalm 118:24. Your future starts today. You must see what God has already done for you spiritually, so you can receive it. 2nd Corinthians 4:18”.

Pastor Briggs, while rounding off his sermon, admonished us to make a conscious effort this year to delve into the word of God, because our victory lies there. Adding that “God will also take away some people from your life when you receive the vision”.

Prayer points

  1. Father open my eyes to see what you have for me this year and give me the capacity to be able to handle it.
  2. Anyone that is not meant to be in my life, take them out, so I can make the right decisions.
  3. Everyone that is meant to be in my life, God reveal them to me.
  4. Every destiny enhancer, meant to move me to the next level, Lord bring them my way.
  5. Father, help my unbelief in Jesus name.


Reporters: Feyisope Bamgbala and Samuel Adu

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